We offer versatile, custom landscape design and quality installs and maintenance with attention to detail. We employ organic gardening methods and focus on the usage of plants that are native and well adapted to our area and attract wildlife, such as birds, butterflies and bees. We focus on landscaping that promotes biodiversity and creates wildlife habitats.

We specialize in healthy, practical, environmentally responsible North Texas landscapes that are suited not only to this climate, but also to the topography, soil type, and shade profile of your property. We can help you minimize water usage and avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides, and costly short-lived fertilizers. Our designs deliver perennial color, our plant choices attract birds and butterflies, and our process results in a landscape that complements your home and reflects your personal tastes.

Our goal is to work closely with the homeowners to create space that suits their needs and highlights the best features of the property property. We listen and then give advice. Our work is a thoughtful expression of the homeowners' wishes, needs, constraints and dreams.

Our Services

​   We specialize in:

  • wildscapes featuring native and well adapted plants

  • lawn alternatives

  • drought tolerant landscapes / xeriscaping

  • wildlife habitats

  • modern/clean line landscaping

  • woodland gardens

  • dry creek beds

  • dry laid flagstone walkways and patios​.


During the initial on-site landscape consultation, we assess the landscape challenges to see how we can help. We will walk with you through your property, listen to your ideas, and make suggestions. We listen carefully to determine how you want your landscape to look and feel. Then, we take measurements and photographs.

We will discuss both the short and long-term plans for your property. This way, we can begin thinking about your project in phases that can be implemented season by season or year after year.

Consultation is $85/hr with an hour minimum. We believe that the information you receive during this meeting will be of high value as it forms the basis to move the landscape development process forward.

At the end of your consultation, we will discuss the next step. This can include a formal or informal design, estimate, installation and maintenance. The follow-up plan depends on feedback from our initial consultation.

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Whether it's somewhere quiet to enjoy your morning coffee, a relaxing backyard oasis, outdoor kitchen to entertain guests, or a wildlife sanctuary, developing a thoughtful and creative design is the first step to building your perfect outdoor space.

When it comes to well designed, sustainable landscapes, Happy Gardens is your start-to-finish source. From initial consultation through construction and management, our expertise, passion, and keen eye for detail will ensure your project meets your dreams and expectations.

We do not offer stand-alone design services, only design services that lead to landscape installation.

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Construction of any kind, whether it involves landscape, hardscape or any other kind of outdoor work, can be a testing time for any homeowner. We are here to ensure a smooth transition, open and timely communication and flexibility to deal with any obstacles on the way.

Prices and services vary depending on the scope of the project, client’s needs and site conditions. 50% deposit is required before the job starts.

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Client Questionnaire

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